6 Creative Baby boy Announcement Ideas in 2013

Traditional birth announcements include a hospital nursery photo taken the day of your baby boy’s birth and his vital statistics. While prompt announcements delight relatives, cards can be sent within a month or two.

baby baby cute

Announcing the arrival of a baby boy is always exciting. To make the announcements even more special and personal, here are some unique baby boy birth announcements ideas. Friends and family will enjoy receiving the announcements that express the joy of welcoming a baby.

paper airplane birth announcements

Paper airplane birth announcements

This can be a creative way to announce the arrival of your little one. The wordings will be printed on the airplane.

hand drawing birth announcement

Amazing hand drawing birth announcement

A very elegant and sweet announcement, I love the lined not paper in the background. Nice touch, isn’t it?

birth announcement with sweet sound

A card with a sweet sound

It is an extreme move to add baby’s ultrasound heartbeat or precious giggle to the birth announcement.

3D baby announcements

Unique 3D birth announcement

Only when you put on the 3D glasses can you see the detail information of the baby announcement, very funny and creative.

postal theme birth announcement

Postal theme birth announcement

This postal theme birth announcement is just a little postmark with baby’s name, birthday, and statistics, with a lined red and blue striped envelope.

cookie birth announcement

A special cookie

Fresh, handmade and individually wrapped, these custom cookies are another great option for new parents to announce the birth of your little peanut.

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